Friday, June 24, 2011

High Waters

After my father-in-law, who drove into town last night, left for home today, me and tirko headed west for a little small river fishing. i had my mind set on streamers so that was all i brought. the creek is still high which really made it tough to find places to fish. the clarity was really good, but we just had to pick and choose our spots which were few and far between. i did manage to land one small brown and i missed several other fish. tirko tried his hand with the fly rod and came up empty handed. i do believe that this creek is better suited for dries so i will have come with a different aresenal next time.


Big Jer said...

we had this discussion before didnt we?

jabberwock said...

Toss a yellow stimmi, bet it slays with all those stone fly shucks.