Sunday, May 29, 2011

There are Bear in Montana

Since i've moved to montana i have been hopeful to see a bear, which i have never seen in the wild. i keep hearing about how black and grizzlies are everywhere here but i hadn't seen any. maybe i was expecting them to be all over like deer.....who knows. so i've been saying the whole time i've been here that there are no bears in montana, it's all propaganda bullshit. yes i am only kidding when i say that. well today we are driving down the highway on our way to the river and my eyes are ever glancing the woods as they always do and we drive by a house and then i see him/her. in these peoples driveway right off the highway is a cinnamon black bear. so as quickly as i can i do a u-turn and slowly drive to that drive way, all the while reaching back behind my seat searching for my camera. the bear had moved away from the road some and i didn't have time replace my kit lense for a better one so since the bear wasn't interested in a photo op, i had to do the best i could with what i was given time for. shitty! cause you can hardly tell there's a bear there. in the pics, it's right next to a flat bed trailer. after that excitement we drove/tried to get to, several lakes. a couple we could but only one gave us any bendo. one of the lakes was full of small eager cutties. there were some bigger ones that we saw but couldn't entice.


Sanders said...

i'm sure the next bear will be more interested in getting his picture taken...ha!

mike doughty said...

then i'd better be in my jeep. he can just stroll up to the window so i can snap a few pics and we'll call it good