Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holland Lake

We are still in the searching/scouting phase of everything. we finally made it into one of the lakes we've tried to reach but hadn't due to to much snow. started getting ready and realized i forgot my wading boots. i like to waders my waders and boots in case i need to wade into shallow shelves to be able to reach the deeper stuff. i had to stick with my blue jeans and lugz, that's right.....lugz, yes i'm gansta like that. we ended up driving to a couple of different lakes, all really shallow shorelines and marshy edges. we then drove to holland lake which is a much bigger lake then what we had checked out already. i saw a sign that said canoe rental so we ponied up the 25 bones and off we went. i couldn't believe that neither of us were getting into any fish. for the longest time we didn't see any sign of fish. there was a really nice looking waterfall at the back of the lake that im wanted to get up to for some photos. the trail along the lake was constant with people coming and going from the falls. as we got close to where the water from the falls dumps into the lake we started seeing a few risers. tirko had one fish follow his egg sucking leech almost to the canoe but didn't commit. we beached the canoe out the mouth of the stream and chose to get out to piss and stretch out my damn back. on my 3rd cast through the creek current in the lake i got absolutely hammered. the fly line ripped out of my fingers so i didn't get a good hook set but as it turned out that spring creek special was lodged nicely through it's maxillary and the fish wasn't going to nowhere. i measured the fish at 21", which made my day. we saw another nice fish come out of the water in the current but we did not touch another fish. i got lucky with that one.


Bigerrfish said...

Im not sure luck played a huge roll in fishing uncharted waters in yo gangsta getup, and getting ahold of a good fish..
Im sure its a tough situation..

mike doughty said...

it's tough......i don't know lake fishing and i don't know montana

Bigerrfish said...

Mike, can we switch email?