Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day = Lake Hoppin'

So to celebrate all the mothers out there, i went to the lake, actually several lakes in a chain. right now even the lakes are tough to fish from shore cause of high water levels. none of the lakes, at least where i fished them from gave me much of a shore to work with so it made casting a bit tough. none of the lakes i spent a whole lot of time in since there were several i wanted to fish. lake #1(cutts and bulls) produced several pan sized cutties and i did hook into something that was considerable bigger that played tug o' war with me until it rudely gave me back my hook. never got a look at it. lake #2(rainbows, cutts, bulls, bass and pike) didn't produce a dam thing. lake #3(browns, bulls, whitefish, bass and pike) coughed up a pike and a brown. neither were overally big, but if i had had a place to cook that pike i certainly would've kept it, of course i would've had to check the reg's to see if i could've legally. lake #4(rainbows and pike) didn't produce a dam thing either. i did see some big 'bows' cruising though but could'nt get no interest. the pike was a nice surprise and all three species were taken on a small brown beadhead(orange) bugger.

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AZWanderings said...

Good looking fish. Looks and sounds like you landed with both feet on the ground after the move. Nothing like a day of fishing to calm things out.