Saturday, May 21, 2011

Survived the Apocolypse

According to the news the other day some whack job from new york wrote a book and in his book he said the world was going to come to an end today at about 6pm. well lucky enough, we survived it. what a relief! anyway me and tirko went to a couple of spots that we had in mind. we started off in a nice little meadow stream that just didn't cut it, when then drove in search of a lake that we couldn't find, then made our way to browns lake that didn't cut the mustard for us either. close to shore we did however see a nice kokanee and a tank of a rainbow, unfortunately dead, but at least now we know the size of fish in there. it was then onto another stream/lake combo. the stream coming out was turbulent and we couldn't find access to the stream coming in. the lake however was the ticket. YAHTZEE! i caught one super swell 'bow' of about 14". as we neared the last few hours of the day tirko talked me into trying to find a lake that we couldn't get into last weekend due to snow. we made it a lot farther today but came to a spot that looked like we could get through, but as i was trying to navigate the edge of the road and the deeper snow on the road, my jeep started to fishtail and the soft muddy shoulder had sucked me in. as i surveyed the situation, i couldn't help but think how screwed i was going to be. i couldn't back up cause i would've gone right over the edge and because of the angle of the road and the soft shoulder i was really anticipating hitting the gas and having my jeep just slide off the edge and me tumbling onto my roof. i was shitting bricks! with a little bit of digging and some manipulation of the ground i said the hell with it and gave it a go, after all i didn't want to just leave my jeep there, walk back to the road and hope we could get an hour ride back to town. as i gave it hell the soft edge gave a little then held on and with tirko yelling for me not to stop i finally made it out and onto solid road. getting back out wasn't easy either but it went better then getting in. we fished a total of 6 different peices of water today, some not for very long due to access issues, but between 2 of us we caught the 1 fish. the scenery was perfect, the weather was perfect, but the catching really sucked.


Scott said...

Gorgeous, it's looks awesome up there. I am jealous... all though not of you getting stuck. You are always getting stuck. Bout time you get yourself a winch.

mike doughty said...

it is absolutely beautiful up here. i would love to have a winch