Wednesday, March 9, 2011's What's for Lunch

With these warmer temp's the fish are certainly becoming more active and starting to go out of their way to wack some meat cruising by. i caught a couple of fish shortly after i got to the water, one of which was real nice. i got to a point where i noticed a truck parked on the side of the road which had me nervous that maybe someone had dropped in above me. as i fished my way up i hit some killer looking water that i knew should produce some fish but i didn't get a single hit or a chase. i was starting to get the feeling that i was right behind someone since all this good water was void of fish. sure as shit, after awhile i caught up to someone so i headed back down to my starting point and decided i would just fish my way down stream instead. i love it when the water levels are up a bit cause the fish spread out and seem to be everywhere. i was constantly moving fish all the way down to a point where i decided that my back had had enough. i back tracked and fished a few selects spots on the way back up. i hit a number of fish and ended up catching one more. one of the frustrations with streamer fishing is when you are stripping and a fish hits you so hard that it pulls the line from your fingers and you don't get a hook set on it. i lost a few fish this way today. my back was hurting all day but it was well worth the pain.


Bigerrfish said...

Rock n Roll man!!

Brett Colvin said...

Those are some well-marked fish man - looks like a blast.