Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out With Michelle

I talked michelle into keeping me company on the river today. michelle usually won't come out until late spring when the weather really starts to warm up, but today was supposed to be nice so she did come out. she didn't fish but walked the shoreline with a magazine to read. she also took some pics for me when the opportunity arose. all the rivers are high so we just stayed close to home. the weather was good and i always enjoy when michelle hangs out with me. the fishing wasn't anything to write home about but when i did find some fish, it was a sow that lured them in. i came acrossed a big pile of shotgun shells that either someone collected and piled up in the one spot or someone sat in one spot and shot them all. either way, i see this as another reason land owners don't care to have us water recreationalists on their property. if people don't pack out what they pack in then it just fuels the property owners fires. also stumbled upon some river carcasses and not sure why but someone left their golf hat hanging in a tree.


Bigerrfish said...

Sounds like a golfer picked a windy day to hit the range, lost his hat, in looking he finds a guy shooting at deer with a shotgun. Hollars "hey you"... gunman squeezes one last shot off and misses and hits a fish. jumps up and spills his emptys.

That's awesome you and her were out together.. good times!

mike doughty said...

i think you nailed it bigerrfish