Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Freestone Today

The plan today was to fish some freestone water but when me and scott arrived it was high and muddy which tends to make the fishing a bit of a bitch, especially nymphing. since plan 'A' was shot we changed course to plan 'B'. this was also up a bit but the water clarity looked good. the weather was warm and there was virtually no wind so streamers were again an easy choice for starters. we stayed the course for a bit but when we kept seeing fish and couldn't turn any of them we both switched over to nymphing. even that sucked for most of the day until we found a hole that had some willing participants. scott unfortunately was treated to one lost fish on the entire day while i was able to muster a few respectable fish. i clearly should've packed my 6 weight rod cause throwing the heavy stuff on my 4 weight kicked my ass up and down the river. wind knots, with no wind, tangles, trees, bushes, tons of frustration. it just didn't have the backbone that i desire for the heavier stuff. when we drove in the lower river was nice and clear but when we left it was pretty stained. this is a tough time of year when the lakes are still froze over and the rivers are getting blown out by snow melt. it'll continue to be hit and miss for awhile.

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