Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eastern Stream

So me and a buddy of mine decided to head east of the border and try our luck at a stream i had researched. i was surprised at all the snow they had over there, seeings how i didn't check the weather before hand i was not expecting it. the day was a little chilly, but certainly tolerable, especially when dredging thru all that snow, made me sweat. actually in one section we found a path thru the snow that the cattle had made which was a welcome break. not till around 2pm did the wind start to pick up. there was still some shelf ice and in one section pat was edging his way to the ice edge when he fell thru. luckily only to about navel deep, i wish i would've snapped some pics beofre helping him out but didn't think about it. one of these pics shows the hole in the ice after he went thru. the fishing was not spectacular. pat started with the small stuff and i went streamer. i missed fish after fish, which i assumed was cause they were short striking it, so i switched to a tan sex parakeet which has 2 hooks. i quickly landed 2 nice rainbows with that pattern and that would prove to be it for me. pat switched to one of his streamers and landed a nice brown with it. once the wind kicked up and the temp's seemed to drop the fishing went stagnate. all in all a pleasant day but i think i will give the snow a chance to melt a bit before heading that way again.

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