Monday, June 8, 2009

A Little Top Water Action

my biggest of the day

jake playing spotter

jake fishing one of many beavered sections

jerry and whitetail

small 'bow' after release

jerry's nice brown

small nest of catepillars

Headed out with my son jake and jerry (nova) this morning. we fished a small little stream and much to our liking there were quite a few small light brown caddis coming off and there were a few fish rising to them. it was kool to see one fish come completely out of the water to get this caddis, but ended up exerting itself for nothing, as it missed. there were even a few blue wings coming off. we took a couple on some bead-headed bwo patterns sub-surface but most of the action came top side. fish rose to deer hair caddis's, a green drake pattern, cdc loop wings and a midge pattern. between the three of us we ended up a few fish, all browns except one rainbow, which was a surprise to see. they were all smaller fish rnaging from 7" to 14", but the fact that we took most of them on top made it more enjoyable.


CoreyK said...

Sweet! looks like a damn fine time!

Pat said...

Good to see you're feeling better Mike and your getting out. You cant beat the Top Water Take!!

BG said...

Nice to see you out of the sandbox and into the water!