Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late Afternoon on the S.F. Ogden

Last week got some feedback on the ogden from corey k.........drakes and caddis on top. with that in mind i decided to pack some shit in the jeep so that i could head straight from work to the river. got on the river around 4pm and started throwing a green drake. there were a few caddis flying around but i chose to start with the drake. about 45 minutes into the afternoon i had no rises or looks at the drake so i switched it up to a small compardun/deer hair caddis tandem rig. that set up started to get the attention of browns sitting in the shallows. other then one other mayfly dry that i threw, the caddis, compardun rig was the only set up that worked. around 7pm i decided to move upstream and that's when the river died for me. at that time there were a lot of caddis and some good mayflies buzzing above and dive bombing the river. i didn't touch another fish. all in all it was a really nice evening. the weather was perfect, i caught a few, lost a few and missed a few fish.

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Big Jer said...

Im going to have to get up there again