Monday, June 29, 2009

Frolicking With Nick and a Rookie Mistake

ate the cicada

accurate cast = solid fish

nich taco'd up to a sweet cuttie

even i caught some fish

cased caddis

another quality nich fish

nich's solid brown

mating stones

first fish on a cicada

I did not plan on fishing since i was on phone standby but since i did not get called in saturday and was not called in as of 11am on sunday i new that i would be safe to head out. i was going to maybe check on the weber above coalville so i gave nich a call to see if he had any feedback on it which he didn't but he did say that he was going to maybe head out by his lonsome in about an hour. i asked if he minded if i join and about 2pm we were parked on top of a ridge gearing up for the decent down the canyon. now on the way to the creek nich was belly aching about a bum knee that he tweaked the day before while fishing, falling then nose diving in the river. it was should've heard him. now i have a broken feet, 2 bum heels and both knee have pain but i was able to suck it up. so we hobbled down the ridge and chose to hike down river aways and fish our way up. the stones were hot & heavy, the caddis hovered all around and some cicadas were clicking and buzzing in the trees. it felt like the makings of a good afternoon/evening. we fished what nich referred to as baseball style, 1 fish and done or 3 misses and done. nich went first, which was fine with me cause i was busy inspecting tree limbs, tall grass and various bushes for insect life so i was preoccupied anyways. it was probably a good hr until nich finally hooked up and it was a beautifully colored and solid brown, probably would've been 18-19". as nich was fighting this fish he yelled for the net so i started working my way to him while trying to watch my footing across the mossy rocks. heres where the rookie dumbass move comes in. instead of trying to ditch my rod somewhere to free up a hand i carried it with me and as i'm watching my step nichs fish decides to head downstream which turns nich around, i have my rod out in front of me, our rods get tangeled which ties up nich's line not allowing the fish to be able to take line and this sweet fish comes un pinned. damn did i feel like a jack ass. nich was bummed and i truly think i was a irritated as i'm sure he was. i didn't stop thinking about it until nich landed a fish. nich did have a beast come up and smack his fly later in day that nich said would've definately gone 20". i didn't see the take but i heard it hit the fly and it sounded quite big. all was not lost cause about 3 casts later in that same little hole nich landed the only cuttie of the day and it was a beaut. i have only fished cicadas a couple of times with no luck but this day i was able to land a couple on one so that was cool. i really wish i had my macro lense that i had ordered cause i have never had so many good macro chances as i did this day. we each brought a few nice fish to hand so between the fishing, the company, the hatches and the great weather it made for a killer day. oh yeah and nich did take another fall in theriver trying to keep up with a downstream swimming fish so nich banged up his knee again and bellied ached the rest of the day. for the hike back up the ridge nich had to find a big stick to put his weight on. he really broke out his big vagina on this trip. he was kind enough to bring a few brew hahas for us to quench our thirst so kudos to nich for that.

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Big Jer said...

Looks like a Bonnie from the spots but It could be a CRC hard to tell