Friday, February 3, 2012

The W.F of the S.F. of Noneya Creek

I was able to convince the bearded wonder to brave the cold with me today. i met collin at the usual car pool spot we headed SW by NW to a spot i had recently been thinking about. collin of course was game to give it a whirl especially since he hadn't fished it since high school. we made it about 3/4 of the way down the snow covered road until collin's truck with 1/2 ass tires made for the highway started having troubles in the snow. after a brief discussion it was time to back our way back out. in the middle of this backing out process collin really put his driving skillz on display by backing us off the road into a small ditch and getting us stuck. collin was wearing some ice cube type house shoes so i hopped out and starting digging around the tires trying to make the truck a path for the tires to follow back onto the road. it wasn't too long before we were out of the ditch and heading back to the highway to plan B. once we arrived we rigged up with some streamers and the beating commenced. we laid the smack down for the better part of the day with collin railing a couple of real nice fish. my best of the day ended up in my freezer cause it was bleeding pretty profusely and figured it was not going to make it any way. that was certainly not in my plans. you know you've had a pretty solid day when you don't have to change flies, not even once. the day was beautiful and the fish were extremely active.