Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Hatchery Hold Over

within the first 5 minutes of fishing after work i hooked into a solid fish and once i saw it was a rainbow i was just asking it to please have all of it's fins. nope, both pec fins were nubs, obviously a hatchery fish that hadn't been bonked yet by the local bait dunkers. that sucks cause it was a good looking and healthy fish otherwise. i had fished for about 2 hrs and caught 2 other fish as well. a 19" brown and another brown that took in the shallows right off the bank. i had it in my hands 5 or 6 tines but it wouldn't stop thrashing around and i could'nt keep a grip so no picture. it was definately over 20". bummer cause it was a good looking buck. the water was great for about the first hour and a half but then you could see the levels rising a bit and the water muddying up pretty good and i seemed to stop hitting fish so i called it an evening.

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