Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back up Plans

me and scott met at 5:20 this morning and made our way to our destination 3 hrs or so down the road. we arrived extra early so we could hopefully beat anyone else there. that definitely worked out in our favor. what didn't work out in our favor was all the shelf ice ad frozen river. even though the temp's were supposed to be in the mid 30's there was just to much frozen river for us to do much with. when we could fish we didn't even see a single one. as it turned out we drove 3 hrs, to fish 2 hrs, to drive 3 hrs back and fish something that i know is on the up and up. got back to our neck of the woods and started our journey up river. after i landed one smaller fish i pounded my next hole with about a dozen casts, which is a lot in one hole with streamers, but after i had busted one off on an opposite bank bush, scott jumped in and after a few casts was anniolated by a big aggresive buck that measured 22". after some pics we continued up stream hitting fish after fish. we went thru a variety of colors but it seemed like once we went to yellow the fishing really picked up. we ended up with 3 fish over 20" and a handful of smaller fish. other then the first part of the day, the day was pretty good to us.

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