Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Shift in the Seasons

It's that time again for the seasons to change. i noticed it especially today, not only in the beautiful colors that line the shorelines and the mountains but today with each fish released i had to continually blow on my hands cause they just wouldn't warm back up. hoppers were a no go today but a purple have and brown drake pulled some fish. a beetle also got smacked a few times but couldn't seal any deals. this river is constantly providing for me 15-16" fish the past couple of years and every once in a while i'll get into something in the 20" range, those of which i have yet to get to hand. today provided a bunch of smaller fish, 8-13" and one fish that i figure was 18-19". that one i had at me feet, hand on the leader a couple of times but his constant thrashing around caused my drake to come free. i forgot my net today other wise i could've netted this beaut and snapped some shots. oh well that's the way it goes sometimes. i only fish this river a few times a year but it is always entertaining.

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Richard said...

That water is getting cold. My buddy tried to wet wade the other night and lasted 5 minutes. I love fall fishing.