Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day with Pat

I had planned on taking michelle to the river today, later yesterday evening pat had called and wanted to get out so at that point pat was going to join us. had thought about some holiness but pat kind of wanted to stay closer, no worries, closer it was. as it turns out we ended up having to watch our niece that night so michelle decided she was going to just stay home and not bring our niece to the river. good choice since it was pretty damn chilly for the first couple of hours in the A.M. the water was surprisingly still off color, can't figure out why since there is nothing left to melt and i'm sure the res. isn't letting out more water. it think the stain killed the fishing but i have had some decent days on stained waters. not much went on the whole day, moved a few fish, but that was it for me. pat did land one decent fish and then later snapped his #6 rod on what ended up being a foul hooked sucker. pat had another rod in his truck so we walked back then drove further up-river. the fishing up there was no better and by 1:30 we were walking off the river calling it a day. this river has kicked my ass the three times i've fished it in the last month. i'm wondering if it's cause there was so much water running through it this whole summer that it may take a lot longer to get back to fishing right.


Pat said...

It was great to get out with ya again Mike. Hope you made it back to Montana safely! I don't mind breaking a rod over a good sized trout but to a sucka, awe man that blows! Insult to injury for sure! Still need to contact Castaway Fly Shop about what they can do.

Bigerrfish said...

Right on, looks like you guys had an awesome time..