Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Hours

Met up with jake gillette after my in-processing for my new job. got on the river at about noon. the clarity was primo for streamers but of course the flows were dropped again, to damn much for my liking but what can i do. the good holes and runs are few and far between due to the flows. i did manage to hit a handful of fish and catch a couple of small fish. i did hook one nice cuttie that parked itself on the rocks but as it was flopping around it shook the hook and flopped back in the water. jake got into a few fish as well but like me, nothing noteworthy.


Rudy said...

Mike, I enjoy reading your adventures. I spent 2 winters in Park City, and used to fish the Provo a lot. I've been following your blog for a number of years, ever since I saw your streamer ties on WashingtonFlyFishing. You inspired me to tie Sex Dungeons and Parakeets for our New Zealand browns. I see you use JJ Specials too. I have trouble sizing hooks for all these flies. What sizes do you tie your streamers in - and what hook sizes for articulated monsters? I guess I'm afraid of going too large and damaging fish. Cheers, Rudy, NZ

mike doughty said...

generally for my single hook streamers i use a long shank #2 hook and for my articulated flies i like the gamakatzu B10S's with the rear hook being a #4 and the front hook a #2

Rudy said...

Thanks, Mike.

Those are big flies... :)
Hooks variety is very limited here in New Zealand - Kamasan and Tiemco rule the market. There are no bass, so no stinger type hooks. I'll try source some Gammy B10S online.
Ous season opens Sat, so need some big streamers in case the rivers are high and dirty!