Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Review.....Floatant

When my buddy corey k drove up with his pops a few weeks ago. we fished a saturday with some guide friends of corey's, one of which owns the sunrise fly shop in melrose, montana. he introduced me to this floatant that he carries in his shop. when i was on the boat with him we soaked the fly once and that was it. never had to dowse it again, even after constant water time for a mile or so before the fly was changed. i usually use frog's fanny and still do for flies tied with cdc but this stuff outperforms the fanny. the downfall, to me anyway, is that it smells like solvant and i hate to get it on my fingers. you just take the lid off, put the fly in, screw the lid back on and tip the bottle upside down. the reservoir fills up and soaks the fly. the lid does not seem to affect the integrity of the tippet. just make sure you make some fast faulse casts before use to dry it off. the other downfall is is that is the only place i've seen carry them. you can order it on-line from shops in the UK but haven't seen it anywhere else. if you can find it i would certainly recommend giving it a try.


goneflyfishing said...

sooooo.... is it ok to use with CDC or not?

mike doughty said...

no it's not. no liquids with cdc