Sunday, January 23, 2011


1st fish of the day

only my 2nd cuttie taken out of there in the past 5 years

out of service.......damn cause i had to shit

local stoners

ice bridge

big fish of the day

a case of red ass

pat's stone

the locals

the day is done

Today i went out to a beautiful stretch of river that i enjoy so much. it was good to see that most of the shelf ice and anchor ice had disapated. the water look really good. temp's were in the low 30's when i arrived on the scene. i quickly rigged up and went to work. the day was slow for the most part with a few fish here and there. pig stickers, soft hackles and a baetis pattern pulled fish. in one stretch i found an over abundance of goldens or skwalas, can't remember which, and a lot of salmon fly nymphs as well. about the 1/2 pint of my day i thought i'd seen tire tracks headed further up the road, past where it was plowed. i quickly found out that those tracks had stopped and then i was stuck. after about 40 minutes of trying to get out, and making some progress, wally, the only guy that lives year round in that area, had a tow strap and was able to pull me the rest of the way out. i drove down to point that was lower then i had fished on the river. the first good hole i came to proved to be the money hole. i fished it for bout an hour and pulled a good dozen fish out of it, including my bigger fish of the day. a black/yellow pat's rubber legged stone was the meal ticket. 3-4 weeks ago me and jerry had a helluva time fishing there cause of all the ice, but today ended up being much better.


Bigerrfish said...

Congrats on the Cutt!
sorry you got stuck. That takes time... Time away from the mojo

Scott said...

Damn, I missed out.

Pat said...

That wouldn't have happened in the Chev.