Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CDC Loop Wing Emerger

This is a pattern that pat (4wt extreme angling) turned me onto a few years back. it has fished really well either nymphed or fished as a dry. i had my best day ever on dries, and it was with this fly, a few years ago. not only does it fish well but it is easy to tie.

Tail-partidge feather fibers

Body-goose biot(color depends on hatch)

Wing-long cdc feather tied in behind thorax then pulled over and tied off

Thorax-dubbing (on this one i used peacock ice dub, but usually just use an olive dubbing)


Bigerrfish said...

Right on, Im digging you posting patterns.

Jergens said...

Nice tie Mike, that thing would hammer down on the beav.

Jergens said...

Nice Mike, that thing would hammer down on the Beav.

mike doughty said...


Scott said...

Love this one. Nice work.

Pat said...

Solid pattern Mike I'm digging it!!