Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Sex Parakeet

The sex parakeet has been my most productive pattern in the last year, in olives and whites. i have also done well with a black jj bugger with chartruese legs. i thought maybe i should try a black sex parakeet with chartruese legs. i have not done overly well with a plain black parakeet so i think adding the chartruese legs will due the trick. it's twice the meal of a jj bugger so it should do just fine.


Bigerrfish said...


Rudy said...

Hi Mike

I've been following your blog for a while now. I'm based in New Zealand and have only just started chucking large streamers at our brown trout. After only using small nymphs and dries for years, it's a little odd, but a lot of fun!

So far I've used various large fluffy marabou-based streamers, and Galoup's Zoo Cougar.

I really like the look of your Sex Parakeet, but after literally hours of searching on the 'net can't find any kind of "recipe" or SBS. Can you explain how it's tied, or refer me somewhere I might be able to find a SBS?


Rudy, NZ

mike doughty said...

hey rudy,

i'll do my best. their basically tied like 2 woolley buggers connected to each other.
trailing hook:
tail-clump of marabou
body-UV polar chenille
hackle-schlappen hackle palmered through the body
legs- rubber legs tied in at head

front hook: the lead hook should be big enough to allow some dumbell eyes and the wool head. make sure you leave enough room when tying the body of the fly in for these.
tail- clump of marabou
body-UV polar chenille
hackle-schlappen hackle palmered through the body
legs-rubber legs tied in at the front of the body and behind the dumbell eyes.
head- dumbell eyes then the wool can either be sculpin wool or ram's wool. i tie it in like deer hair only it doesn't spin so i'll tie in 1 clump on the top of the hook then rotate the hook over and tie in one clump on the bottom of the hook. i will usually do 2 clumps, top and bottom, behind the eyes then 1 clump in front of the eyes. then trim.

i don't know if any of it made sence but i know what i was trying to say.

Rudy said...

Great - thanks Mike.

As I understand it, it's similar to a Sex Dungeon, but with a wool head instead of deer hair? I guess I could also use Egg Yarn, or craft fur...

As for hooks - do you use any favourite combinations, or whatever you have on hand?

The fish here will never know what hit them...

Great blog - keep up the good work!