Monday, October 13, 2008

Streamer Valhalla

Once again the stream that i really enjoy throwing streamers on gave me the finger. i had planned on hitting another uinta lake but was skeptical due to all the snow but still i should've gone. my roommate wanted to go fishing so i kept it close and a late start time for him, he has a hard time phathoming driving more then a 1/2 hr. for trout. 9am came along and as i should've expected he bailed out on me again. by that time it was to late to be heading to higher elevations so i kept it local. while on the river i met a guy who claimed to be kevin conatser, the guy who won the court case allowing of fisherman to fish private waters. he was slaying ducks today instead of fishing. i ventured into the private section of the web, further then i had before. it is nice to see some of the vegetation finally starting to let go of the bottom. it sure makes streamer fishing tough. it was slow as i said. i took to small cutties on a pig sticker, another small cutt on a marabou streamer, then a little further upstream on that same streamer i hooked, fought and lost a piggy of a brown. i got a good look at him as he jumped 3 times, but of course, as soon as i got my hands on my net the little bastard threw my hook at me. man it's heart breaking when the fishing is slow and you finally hook a really good fish just to lose him. i was able to redeem myself by landinga good brown that was a little smaller then the one i lost but still respectable. even though the fishing was slow, the scenery was really nice with the snow on the mountains.


BG said...

awesome fish man.... what fly is that? Articulated Zoo cougar?

mike doughty said...

yep articulated zoo cougar