Monday, October 6, 2008

Murdock Basin

My quest continued today for some high uinta mountain cutthroat so i targeted an area where a trail ran between three lakes that from what i read fish well for brooks, cutts and one added rainbows to the mix. the one thing i have noticed so far when fishing uinta mnt. lakes is that if a lake is supposed to fish well for any species including brook trout then that is all i seem to catch. needless to say, in the three lakes i fished today all i caught were brookies. they were some nice brooks but i was hopeful for a good 14-15" sized cutt. i did catch a couple of brooks in that size range with most being 12-13". the weather cooperated for the most part, the sun was out, a little cool in the early afternoon and the wind was present for most of the day but did eventually subside. i figure if i keep searching i will find that lake that holds a good population of good sized and eager cutts.

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cor said...

hat is some seriously nice scenery!