Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nice fish....shitty pics

I shot nich a text about fishing around 2ish this afternoon, i was really wanted to throw some streamers close to home since i was on phone stand by i couldn't be to far away from home in case i got the call to come to work. we decided to meet about 30 minutes from my house and fish a trib. the river was low, the casting brutally tough and the trout few and far between. there were quite a few stupid whitiefish in there though. nich took a couple of small trout fishing a pig sticker/egg combo. i had one smack my fat albert but i was slow on the set so no fishy for me. a couple of hours of that nonsence and we made the drive down the main river and fished from the red barn up. i was chucking streamers(did not touch a fish) and nich was again throwing the sticker/egg combo and came upon a long slow flat portion of the river that i did not anticipate seeing any fish in, but sure as shit we kicked up a couple of fish. i threw my streamer at them first to no avail so nich gave it a shot and a couple of casts later he was into a nice 19" brown. couple of casts later he netted another fish of equal size. nich offered to just take turns with his rod since nymphing was the ticket. i took over the rod and 2 casts later i landed my first fish of the day, a nice healthy brown. we switched turns a couple of times with me catching one more that proved to be the big boy of the outing, a nice kyped 22"er. that only disappointing thing was that i am not accustomed to taking pics with my camera in low light conditions and so pretty much all the pictures came out like ass (blurry). it is truly disappointing to me to have some real nice pic ops and have them come out like crap. man i'm bummed! sorry nich, i'll get it figured out.

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