Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful day on the North Slope

well, once again me and the misses chose to hit china lake one more time before giving it a break. we also figured on the way out we would throw a bugger through bridger lake. last saturday i got skunked but today was my day and michelle took home the goose egg. i caught plenty of brookies in the 10-12 inch range but they all seemed to be of the skinny version which we hadn't seen the last couple of outings. i brought with us some veggies and what not with the intent on a shoreline lunch consisting of trout. i kept the biggest brook i caught since it would feed the both of us and 1/2 way around the lake we got a campfire going and had some brunch. china was generous again and after we fished our way around it we got back in the jeep and drove the couple miles to bridger lake. bridger is considerably smaller with lily pads thick along the shoreline which makes for tough casting from shore. caught one small rainbow in the short section that we could fish from shore. since we didn't spend much time there we back tracked a little to west march lake and in the 2 hrs. we fished it i caught one rainbow and lost several others.


pat said...

Sounds like a great day Mike. How was the shore lunch?

mike doughty said...

shore lunch was o.k. i forgot the seasonings though

BG said...

Nice work Mike! Fatty Brookies!!