Saturday, September 6, 2008

Michelle's First Brookies

The future in-laws were coming into town today so could'nt make it a full day fishing affair. got to the lake around 8:30 am , off at 1:30 pm. michelle had never really seen a brookie before let alone caught one. within the first hour she caught the only two that we brought home for the grill. her second fish measured just over 16", which is a tank for the uinta mts. it was her biggest fish and the biggest brook i had seen in person. olive woolley bugger was the ticket and then when we fished the other side of the lake, a brown woolley bugger was it. all in all a really nice day, lots of fish hooked but only 2 to hand.


pat said...

Nice work guys!! Its the season and its only going to get better. Congrats on some noice feesh.

Cutthroat Stalker said...

Wow, I've never caught/seen a brookie that big - way to go Michelle!