Friday, September 26, 2008

Of bulls and browns

so i get today off and my roommate does the same as he hasn't been fishing in quite sometime, he's a pansy when it comes to driving more then a 1/2 hr. for little ole trout, but he says cause it has been so long he will tolerate the drive. we head to my favorite piece of utah water mainly cause i wanted to try the private section which is now legal to fish, with stipulations. we drive up as far as we can and fish our way up the 2 more miles to get into private waters. we pick up a couple of fish along the way and ended up hitting about 2 miles of the private section and as it turns out it was not what i had envisioned. for those that know where i went, it wasn't worth the extra walking. it fished the same as the public waters and since the public water doesn't get a lot of traffic i found it to be the better option. nice to get out though.

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