Saturday, August 9, 2008

Colorado, Day 2......Copper Ponds

got out of bed nice and early to get on the road down to my kids's house. on the way i stopped by the copper ponds, which are full of brookies and browns. again i threw streamers and dries. didn't get any interest with the dries but managed a couple of small fish on a red bead headed wooley bugger. i wanted to get a pic of the brook i caught cause it's belly was so red and overall just a killer looking fish. with the fish still flopping around at my feet and me trying to grab my camera the hook came out and off he went. all the fish i was seeing were in the 6-12" range then out of the blue a really nice, colored up, big shouldered brook came cruising along the shallows, i'm guessing 16". that was definately a fish i would have loved to have caught and would've easily been my largest brook trout. only spent about an hour and a half there, then continued to see my kids

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