Friday, August 8, 2008

Colorado, Day 1.....Yampa River

to go visit my kids in colorado for a week. my kids weren't expecting me till saturday so chose not to disappoint them and left the house on friday so i could get in some fishing on the yampa river, colorado. got up at 0 dark 30 and actually made a couple of quick stops along the weber to throw a mouse pattern to see if i could rope anything. i got no love on the weber. continued the long boring drive along hwy 40 into colorado and towards steamboat springs. in between some town and steamboat the river ran along the hwy for a short bit but the water that was there sure looked inviting, so i pulled off the hwy and rigged up. there were some pools that were deep and a little on the slow side so i rigged up with a sink tip anda small purple egg sucking leech. worked my way up the river making cast after cast to no avail. once i got to a point i decided to fish my way back down. i didn't fish to long and didn't get out of view of my jeep since i had it full of shit and was parked on the side of the road. i started throwing my leech threw a tailout and strip strip wham, fish on. to my surprise, cause i was expecting trout, it was a bass that was supplying the tug. released the fish, next cast another bass but this one was a bit smaller. worked my way down a little below where i parked to a nice riffle that smoothed out to a slow pool. along the edge of the riffle my fly was smacked and felt like a strong fish. once again i was surprised but this time it was a pike of about 18" and my first pike at that. the next 20 minutes resulted in no hook-ups so back to the jeep and here i am in steamboat springs in a motel getting ready to head out for some hopefully fantastic trout fishing. more to come. alright just got back from fishing the second 1/2 of the day. i fished around town (steamboat) throwing streamers and dries. i started with the same set-up that got the bass and pike. i only ended up catching a couple small cutt-bows but did lose a real nice fish that was on for a couple of shakes then gone. the last couple of hours were spent fishing the up river part of town with dries. missed a couple but landed a nice little cutt on a midge dry and a nice brown on a lime trude. the end. i'm starting to doze off now so i'm out.

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