Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fishing the Backyard

I recently got back from 2 weeks in las vegas doing military shit and have been chomping at the bit to get out and into some fish. i decided to get my ass out of bed this morning around 6am so that i could get in a good 1/2 day before heading to work. i also recently added a new rod to the arsenal so i decided to take it today and chuck some streamers in some really nice water. the first 3 hours was really slow, lost one fish that was almost ready for the camera and saw a couple other fish follow my streamer almost to me. i changed up to many different color combos and sizes of streamers and it wasn't till i switched to a size 8 purple egg sucking leech that i landed my first fish, a nice stout brown that pushed 19". at that point i had fished up river far enough and it was time to start working my way back downstream. an hour and a half later, a couple small cutties and some more missed fish and i was headed back to the house to get ready for work.

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pat said...

Nice work Mike! My ass was going to work at 6. That bug pic looks like a Dragonfly Nymph.