Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loop OPTi 3L vs. Cloudveil 8x Pro Jacket

Last year i bought the loop opti jacket and this year, since the price was reduced, i picked up the cloudveil 8x jacket. they are both xxl but fit entirely different. the loop xxl fits me just right if i don't bulk up underneath it. i think it is perfect for when the weather is a little warmer when i would wear the jacket by itself. the cloudveil xxl fits me quite a bit bigger, not to big, but bigger. this jacket is perfect if i want to wear a hoody and more underneath it for when the temp's are considerably colder. i find myself wearing the cloudveil more often then not cause of the extra room. i love both jackets but there is one thing i like about each jacket that the other does not have. the cloudveil has a neoprene wrist cuff inside the sleeve that can be tightened with a velcro strap, which allows me to stick my wrist in the water without the sleeves of my shirts or sweatshirts getting wet. i really like this feature. on the other hand, the loop jacket has fleece lined hand pockets and the cloudveil does not. my hands stay a lot warmer in the loop jacket. hopefully with cloudveils new line of jackets they will incorporate some fleece lined pockets. all in all, both jackets kick ass!

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Bigerrfish said...

what can one expect to pay for a Jacket like that?