Sunday, February 7, 2010

HB80 Is Now SB267

Last Minute Move- HB80 is now SB267
It became apparent late Thursday the House Natural Resources Committee was not going to allow HB80 to pass to the House floor.
In a quick turn of events Representative Fowlke called a bill file. She met with Senator Neiderhauser, Sen. Bramble, lobbyist Jeff Hartley and Chris Barkey about moving the bill to the senate.
This bold move will allow HB80 to avoid all House committees, which was stacked against us. Senator Bramble was ready, willing and able to help.
SO… House Bill 80 has a new name, Senate Bill 267. [text will not be available until Monday. SB267 is identical to HB80]
We ask you to now contact your Senators and let them know you support SB267/HB80
Rep. Webb -HB290 –>
Rep. McIFF – HB141 – [box car/no text] –>
other Bills we’re keeping an eye on…
Rep. Ferry – HB374 [boxcar/no text] –>
Rep. Cosgrove – HB450 -[boxcar/no text] –>
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