Friday, June 1, 2012

I've Got a Year to Tie

Since i am in saudi arabia for the year i won't have a chance to use up my streamers so i've got a year to replenish any stock that i need to. while i'm here i am going to focus on trout streamers, musky/pike flies, salt water patterns and a few lake streamers. there should be one or two opportunities for me to get out to the red sea to see what i can come up with and i due get a vacation at about my 6 month mark where i'll be going back to utah but other then that the fishing will be bleek. my goal is to have my dining room table completely filled with flies at some point here.

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Jake Gillette said...

Nice lookin ties man. Those flies you gave me before you left have been put to good use already. Caught some nice weeb browns and some rediculously fat wyoming brookies on some of your patterns. Hope everything is going good in the desert. I'm sure you'll find some kind of bizzare fish to wrestle with out there. P.S. the big bug hatch on the SF of the O was bitchin this year.