Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting my Ass Handed to me

Last night after work tirko wanted to get in a little fishing before his family came into town and since i was thinking of some moving water for today we drove over to scope it out. the creek was great looking, clarity was good, a scosh high but still looked really good. i only came away with one small cuttie but had several others rise to my dry. this morning i made the drive south to the same creek. it took me awhile to find some public access and once i did i was off and rolling. the stretch that i was fished was so damn fishy, i couldn't believe that i touched nothing. like i said it is still a bit high and while crossing in a couple of spots i really wondered if i was going to make it acrossed. i got back on the road and walked back to the jeep and as i was sitting there looking at my map deciding were to go next, out of my peripheals(sp?) i saw someone pull up but before i could even lift my head i was overwhelmed by the obvious smell of some skunky skunky......weed that is. this old dude pulls up, smoke coming out of his window and starts to talk my ear off about the huge fish that he catches in there and in the middle of his speel, out of the blue, he throws in that he smokes a lot of dope. well no shit! he talks my ear off for about a half hour before he finally drives off. i made one other stop on that creek with no success before
cruisin to a different stream. as i got to the stream all i could here were loads of ciadas. before i moved to montana i called one of the fly shops and they told me there were no cicadas in montana.....what a bunch of crap! they were everywhere. this creek was clear as well but even higher then the last and very deceptive in depth. only was able to find a couple of spots to fish and again with no luck. up there in the middle of nowhere was a sign for a lodge and restaurant and since i was hungry i took a little detour, ended up being a 6 mile detour, but the food was outstanding. the road, by my map, looped over to another creek but about 12 miles up the road was blocked off cause the river had taken the road out so i had to backtrack and not fish the other creek. that ended up being the end of my day. i was tired and my allergies were kicking my ass. today apparently was another day of taking pics of anything but fish.

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LOAH said...

Nice looking creek and good photos.