Friday, March 16, 2012

Heavy Traffic

It was the first time i've thrown streamers on that stream and it was the best day i ever had out there. usually i nymph or throw dries but with the recent success i've had throwing streamers on small water lately i figured why not. even though i moved a ton of fish it seemed like the good lord was testing my patience as most of the fish would either just swipe at my fly or follow it on the swing then just nip at it. i netted around 10 fish but sure would've liked to of netted more, obviously. probably a dozen or so of those fish were really nice ones, 18 inch range, which is a pretty good fish for that water. the water had a slight stain to it and it was up in cfs, i think water is probably being released from the dam, but the i sure did move a good amount of feesh.

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Unknown said...

Nice bunch of brown Mike, although it doesn't seem like a full report without a reel bouncing down the highway. Cool brookies in the previous post too.