Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Blog

After recent issues with this blog i have decided to start fresh with a new blog. i appreciate all of those who have followed me and invite you to continue to check out what i'm putting up. i'm no wizard with the words by any means but i do enjoy taking pics.  if you are interested here is the address.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Really the Only Option

Now that the weather is cooling down the red sea trips will become more frequent. we went again last thursday and although the fishing was shitty i still managed a couple of fish, not sure the species though. on a positive note, one of the guys wagered me 100 saudi rhiyal that he would catch the first, the most and the biggest fish, my wallet is heavier now. once again it was the usual getting loopy, bbqing, snorkling and fishing. until this coming thursday.........

Monday, August 20, 2012

Firsts From the Red Sea

The drive down to the red sea went pretty well, but once we got there it went to hell. we were heading to the same spot that we camped at last time but it seemed the sand on the dirt road in had gotten deeper and i ended up being the first one stuck. the 2 cars in front of me made it to the spot but i did not. luckily some guys with 4x drive hooked me up and after a bit finally got me un-stuck. at that point we decided we would drive bout a 1/2 hour further down the beach. once i was out trent and zach walked back to their cars so that we could head out. well trent was the first to get stuck coming out and then right behind him zach got stuck. these guys that helped me out were now working overtime to get trent and zach un-stuck. seems like 3 cars took about an hour of our daylight away. things are always tougher when the same language isn't being spoken but we all managed. off we went to the other beach. this was much nicer. cleaner, the dirt roads in were very compact and nobody around. as soon as we got things set up, i rigged up with a chartreuse/white clouser and waded out to the reef. at this point i was just hoping to catch any sort of fish but of course hoping for some decent sized fish. i caught a couple of small fish and then headed to camp to get some food going. i had just bought a small cheap grill and didn't even bother putting the legs on it so it just sat in the sand. as we are cooking we are getting pretty toasted and when the food was done i had slid my grill out of the way and due to my inebriated state i wasn't thinking and stepped right where my grill had been cooking and burnt the shit out of the bottom of my foot. pain like i hadn't felt before. i grabbed some water and tried to cool down the sand there and once the water hit the sand it started singeing, that's how hot that was. after a bit the saudi coast guard showed up to get our info., how many people, nationality, man/woman, how long staying, etc. that was a real treat to be out of our minds and trying to communicate with saudi's that weren't speaking any english, we got it done though. once i woke up i grabbed my still rigged rod and managed to catch a few more fish. they all looked almost like the same species but maybe different sub-species.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Bit of Salt

I've been on a salt binge lately but not familiar with the patterns. i've ordered a butt load more shit so should be able to crank out a much bigger variety when the shipment arrives. until then it's been a lot of clousers and some random shit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Summer Warmup Video

This is from joe over at evolution anglers. to bad i'm going to miss fly fishing this summer

Friday, June 1, 2012

I've Got a Year to Tie

Since i am in saudi arabia for the year i won't have a chance to use up my streamers so i've got a year to replenish any stock that i need to. while i'm here i am going to focus on trout streamers, musky/pike flies, salt water patterns and a few lake streamers. there should be one or two opportunities for me to get out to the red sea to see what i can come up with and i due get a vacation at about my 6 month mark where i'll be going back to utah but other then that the fishing will be bleek. my goal is to have my dining room table completely filled with flies at some point here.